Time to Fact-check his fact-checkers Time to Fact-check his fact-checkers

Our freedoms are being stripped away. The overlords of Big Tech are determining what Americans can and cannot say, share, like, and post. Support our legal efforts today as we fight back against Facebook's fact-checkers, confronting those who are suppressing free speech, thought, and expression across our great country.

We have begun pursuing two of Facebook’s fact checkers, Lead Stories & USA Today, for wrongfully “fact checking” posts that I put up earlier this year. Both USA Today & Lead Stories silenced me when I posted a different opinion on Covid - in their minds there is only one opinion: theirs. Censorship of conservatives across the world of social media is rampant and without challenging these alleged “fact checkers” we will all be silenced, disenfranchised and marginalized.

As a result, we have filed a lawsuit in the Superior Court of Delaware against Lead Stories LLC, a Colorado company & Gannett Satellite Information Network LLC, d/b/a USA Today for malicious publication of false “fact check” articles, wrongfully leveraging their power as Facebook Third Party Fact-Checking partners for the purpose of redirecting web traffic away from me, abusing Section 230 of the Communications Deceny Act and interfering with the commercial enterprises of Candace Owens LLC. Access the lawsuit HERE.

We will be seeing them in Court in 2021.

February 2021 Update: Both Lead Stories & USA Today are attempting to dismiss our lawsuit in the opening stages. Our legal team has been working round the clock and through the holidays to fight their arguments. The original court date to argue this ‘Motion to Dismiss' was supposed to be February 5th 2021 but this has now been delayed by the Judge, and we are awaiting a rescheduled date for our hearing.

November 2020 Update: Politifact, another Facebook "fact-checker,” had the audacity to label a post that I put up about Joe Biden literally not being the President-Elect as "false" - after they received a letter from our lawyers, they retracted the label and claimed the label was made in error.

All contributions to this campaign have been paused as we await our ‘motion to dismiss’ decision being heard on the 24th of February 2021.

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